Jennifer Walshe launches Historical Documents of the Irish Avant Garde

HDIAJennifer Walshe launches a new project at the end of the month, called Historical Documents of the Irish Avant Garde, in which she collates a fictional history of avant-garde music, poetry and thought in Ireland into a website, book and hours of recordings.

Historical Documents of the Irish Avant Garde, ‘published’ by aisteach, is an attempt to bend history to explore what might have been, a potential tradition of experimentalism in Ireland that includes Futurists, Dadaists, radio art and subliminal tape works. In the words of the composer, it is a ‘communal thought experiment, a revisionist exercise in “what if?”…to write our ancestors into being and shape their stories with care.’

The event takes place on 31 January at 8pm at the The Little Museum of Dublin, St. Stephen’s Green.

Jennifer Walshe is a composer and experimentalist known for her vision and imagination, often working under the moniker Milker Corp. Other contributors to the project include Benedict Schlepper-Connolly, Stephen Graham, John Berndt, Felicity Ford, Paul Gilgunn, Majella Munro and Rian O’Rahallaigh. The launch will feature performances of the works of this fictional history, performed by Panos Ghikas, Nick Roth and Walshe herself.

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